Vegas Baby!

It has once again been a long time since I have posted anything here. I really am going to have to do something about that.

Anywho, back in July we made a quick trip to Sin City for a family oriented weekend. I used “Sin City” and “family” together in that sentence (perhaps obviously) on purpose. You see, Las Vegas is a very different place depending upon who you are asking. When people find out you were actually born and raised in Las Vegas they typically tilt their head and pause. You can see the gears turning as they recall scenes from movies like “The Hangover” or a weekend they spent there years ago. I will admit, it is a little different. For instance, have you ever heard of PEPCON? One afternoon when I was about 6 I was playing in the backyard and looked up to see a huge mushroom cloud, then all the windows in the house broke. Basically a factory that produced rocket fuel was located within 5 miles of our house. There was a fire and they were storing about 4500 metric tons of product for the Shuttle program, some of it in HDPE (plastic!) barrels. The part of the story that really drives home “Las Vegas, Nevada” to me is that the following week at school we were all buying t-shirts that said “I survived the BLAST!” and had a big mushroom cloud on it. (Much to my dismay I was unable to find an image of one using the Google.)

Las Vegas is actually located in a beautiful valley with many interesting places to spend the day. I have to admit that I am a little partial to the desert and I am always blown away when people describe it with words like “wasteland.” On this trip I managed to make two quick (really quick) jaunts out to Mt. Wilson which is located near Red Rock. Red Rock proper was actually closed due to a large fire and I was figuring I would get some smoke filled photos but it ended up being super clear.


Mt. Wilson – 36 photo panorama (click for larger size)

Monochrome Sunset

Monochrome Sunset

Desert Tree

Desert Tree

Sure, you can party your ass off while hanging out with strippers as you put your whole life savings on black. But to me Las Vegas is home. This trip was really busy but I hope I can share more photos of Vegas off “The Strip” as I make trips home.

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