The Barnes Family

Every now and then I will get a text message from Tracy to see if I would like to make some photos. It is always a good time hanging out with the Barnes family so I always jump at the chance. Then Tracy and I text back and forth over the course of a month or so until we finally figure out a time we can actually make it happen. This time she wanted to get some of her and her boys (I’m including Ben in that statement). Mama T mixed me up a cocktail and we wandered a few blocks away to the railroad tracks. We were lucky enough to have a train pass by which is awesome because trains seem to fill Jackson with equal parts joy and terror. Callum on the other hand was not so impressed. Anyway, here a a few of my favorite from that fine evening.

B&T 1
B&T 3
B&T 4

B&T 5

B&T 6

Thanks for taking a look and I am hoping I can stay on this more regular posting schedule!
Also, I am trying some new things with the way I post and display the images so let know if anything displays funny.

One thought on “The Barnes Family

  1. I love these pictures! I need to have you shoot us or the girls next time we see you! (That sounded bad, shoot us?). You are so very talented, I love when you update the old blog!

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