T and The Boys

I’ve decided that while I try to get caught up with posts here I will throw adherence to chronological order to the wind. With that said, first up are some photos from a few weeks ago.

I received a message from Tracy asking if we could get together an make some photos. Ben and Tracy are some of the easiest going people in existence, their boys are pure entertainment, and Fall was in in full swing. Needless to say I jumped at the chance. Shooting with the Barnes family goes like this.

Step 1: Tracy makes you a cocktail.

Step 2: Wander around with the fam and make photos.

Seriously, that is it. No need for posing, no instruction (like kids listen anyway), nothing. Just wander around and take photos of them being them. Oh, and once you get Jackson warmed up, watch out!











In a world saturated with “professional” photographers I really appreciate you guys letting your amateur friend make your family photos!

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